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Have you ever wondered what happens to cars when they break down or are involved in an accident and can’t be repaired? Maybe you’ve experienced that before and taken it to a mechanic or smash repairer and never thought about it again. Did you ever think about how much waste that car would amount to? The parts ending up in landfill? How such large pieces of waste could never be used again? Raw Metal Corp (2022) reported that ‘over 600,000 cars become obsolete each year.’ These wasteful practices most certainly won’t help in contributing to a better planet.

The solution: Boxhead Plastics! Now that you’ve made your way to this page, you must be wondering, who is Boxhead Plastics?

We are a not-for-profit organisation specialising in recycling scrap plastic from cars, in particular, car bumper bars. Boxhead remanufactures this scrap plastic into amazing products such as golf tees and coasters. It’s a wonderful cause because the Australian Automotive Industry’s plastic recovery rate is just 1.9% , charities like ours are a rare find, and someone has to take up the initiative to cultivate sustainable practices.

How do we operate?

We operate on the kind contribution of our volunteers, humble partners and are guided by our CEO and senior leadership team which you can learn more about here.

There are many ways you can consider supporting our cause including, volunteering, donating, purchasing from our shop and spreading the message!

Volunteering xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Are you interested in learning how we recycle car bumper bars, do you have the enthusiasm to make change, are you studying marketing, sales or business, would you like to physically collect the plastic with us? It takes a slight bit of interest paired with the skills and knowledge you already have to help make a positive change with us. You could consider helping out collecting the car bumper bars , or consider doing behind-the-scenes volunteering (remotely) in helping us build our community, market our cause, helping with product sales; there are many jobs that could suit your individual interests and talents.

If you’re interested – send us a message via our contact page

Donation xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Collecting, recycling and creating products isn’t a simple process, as with anything it comes with a cost. To support our recycling journey, please consider making a kind contribution of any amount that will assist us in continuing our uptake of bumper bars and paying for the facilities to recycle the waste.

Our volunteers take up a very hands-on process when recycling the bumper bars, which can be tedious and sometimes risky. Your generous donation could assist in providing the safety equipment they need to do their job or fund new research so we can expand our organisation!

Donate here

Purchase Naiteev

Know an environmentalist or just love to shop locally and sustainably? Shop from our Naiteev brand where we make coasters and golf tees from the bumper bars we collect and recycle! It makes an excellent gift for anyone and can help spread the message about Boxhead and our aim!

Awareness xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Help spread the message! Next time you hear of a wrecked bumper bar that’s going to waste, give them Boxhead Plastics’ details!  Our website is easy to navigate and provides plenty of helpful tips about how you can recycle and book a collection.