Our Impact

2000 Golf Tees Per Car Bumper Bar

Targeted 1.3 tonne of plastic removed from landfill in 2021

Every $1 Boxhead spends removes 1kg plastic from landfill

Boxhead Plastic’s primary ecological objective is landfill diversion with a focus on bulk waste items: in particular, polypropylene car bumper bars These car bumper bars end up in landfills because they are too difficult to recycle.  IBISWorld 2013 reported the automotive industries’ national recycling rate was just 0.9%.

The team at Boxhead has forged a supply chain of local waste collectors, processors, and manufacturers, squaring the circular economy in the Sydney basin.

Boxhead’s vision is to employ those in our local community with significant life barriers. The aim is to create a stable and rewarding workplace and offer opportunities for education and training in the plastic manufacturing industry.