Our Impact

Boxhead Plastics plays a critical role in the remanufacturing of one specific plastic waste stream, post-consumer automotive plastic car bumper bars. Our aim is to create new industries, new jobs and secure a sustainable future for Australia. We have a vision to collect every scrap plastic car bumper bar in Australia for recycling and remanufacturing.

Here are three ways we are making an impact:


Boxhead Plastics targets the diversion of landfill-bound plastic waste from the automotive industry. Due to the inherent difficulties in recycling certain auto parts, only 1.9% of this waste is recycled and much of the plastic material is destined for landfill. 

We work closely with local industries at each stage of the recycling and remanufacturing process to transform the waste into durable, eco-friendly products.

From its inception, Boxhead has been practically committed to raising diversity in the plastics recycling industry. Diversity in gender, age, retiree status, ability, cultural and linguistic background, are all part of the Boxhead story.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, and Boxhead Plastics provides them the opportunity to develop their work experience, social network and confidence.

Boxhead Plastics provides training and education within and beyond the waste recycling industry.  For a second year in a row, we have worked with over 60 students through the UTS Shopfront Program to develop all aspects of the business. 

Our founder, Bec, has used her experience to directly assist other women trying to manufacture products out of recycled plastic, as well as indirectly inspire others by providing a powerful example.