Only 11.5% of Australian plastic waste is recycled. Boxhead Plastics was founded in response to this plastic waste crisis.

Early experiments centered on recycling PET plastic from discarded bottles to produce filament used in 3D printers. In 2017 we started experimenting with polypropylene car bumper bars, handcrafting boxes from this plastic material. These small-scale experiments showed us that we needed to be repurposing plastic waste on a commercial scale in order to have a noticeable impact.

In 2018, Boxhead Founder Bec Healy, enrolled at Lidcombe TAFE studying Polymer Technology. She gained specialized theoretical and technical knowledge and well-developed operations skills in the production of a wide range of polymer products.

By 2020, Boxhead had successfully forged a chain of relationships that turns these locally collected scrap car bumper bars into a feedstock ready for injection moulding.

Boxhead has pioneered an innovative process that repurposes this bulk plastic waste item and remanufactures it into clever, useful, and relevant products.