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Autoplas Program
Scrap Plastic Car Bumper Bar Collection Service

The Autoplas Program is run by Boxhead Plastics, working with smash repair businesses to collect scrap plastic car bumper bars for recycling.

We charge a service fee to collect your scrap plastic car bumper bars which goes toward the cost to run the Autoplas program. 

Prior to collection we ask that all bumper bars are stripped clean removing:

  • metal
  • grills
  • clips 
  • headlights
  • fog lamps
  • parking sensors
  • metal screws
  • wiring harnesses. 

They must be in a safe and accessible location for our drive to easily load them onto our truck.

For enquiries or a collection please fill in the below form.

car bumper bar recycling

Recycling Shredding and Pelletising

We use local contractors to recycle our collected car bumper bars into a feedstock ready for injection moulding

If you are interested in purchasing our recycled black polypropylene feedstock for remanufacturing please complete the enquiry form below  remanufacturing 

Plastic Manufacturing
Custom Injection Moulding

Would you like your products to be made from recycled plastic.

We can work with you to get your custom design product manufactured using recycled plastic.

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