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When the tomato sauce bottle slips out of my shopping bag whilst trying to muscle my purchases into the house from the car I think “phew lucky it was not glass” Why is plastic so useful to us humans yet so harmful to our planet? Why do I want it and hate it at the same time? Can I escape from the guilty feeling of looking around my house to see so much plastic? Who takes responsibility of the environmental concequences of plastic and how? While it may be possible to eliminate some forms of plastics, such as the single use plastic bags, plastic’s versatile and durable nature means it will continue to play a role in our lives.  Which means we’re left with the question of what to do with plastic when it becomes waste?  How can we inventively, and usefully repurpose these materials?



Boxhead’s present form emerged from a series of experiments starting in 2015. My aim was to divert plastic waste from landfill and repurpose it into useful products. Early experiments centred on recycling PET plastics from discarded bottles to produce filament used in 3D printers.

3D Filament Extruder for running tests to recycle plastic


In 2017 I started experimenting with polypropelene car bumper bars, hand crafting boxes from this plastic material.

What gradually occured to me was that I needed to recycle and repurpose this plastic waste at a commercial scale in order to have a noticable impact on the piles of feedstock I had access to


Hand Crafted Box

Picnic Plates- 100% Recycled Plastic

Golf Tees – 100% Recycled Plastic

In the 2018 my research led me to plastic injection moulding where I am now able to granulate and injection mould large amounts of polypropelene car  bumper bars into usable products and ultimately diverting this waste from landfil