At Boxhead Plastics we are doing our part to make a dent in Australia’s plastic waste issue by recycling and repurposing damaged plastic car bumper bars. These car bumper bars end up in landfill because they are too difficult to recycle. IBISWorld 2013 reported the automotive industries’ national recycle rate was just 0.3%. With China no longer acting as the world’s recycler, we need to take responsibility for this increasingly urgent waste crisis.




Boxhead’s present form emerged from a series of experiments starting in 2015. My aim was to divert plastic waste from landfill and repurpose it into useful products. Early experiments centred on recycling PET plastics from discarded bottles to produce filament used in 3D printers.

3D Filament Extruder for running tests to recycle plastic

Desktop Filament Extruder

Desktop 3D Printer

Filament Extruder Processing Filament


In 2017 I started experimenting with polypropelene car bumper bars, hand crafting boxes from this plastic material.

What gradually occured to me was that I needed to recycle and repurpose this plastic waste at a commercial scale in order to have a noticable impact on the piles of feedstock I had access to


Hand Crafted Box

Picnic Plates- 100% Recycled Plastic

Golf Tees - 100% Recycled Plastic

In 2018 my research led me to enrol at Lidcombe TAFE studying Polymer Technician Certificate IV. Thanks to Lidcombe TAFE I was able to granulate and injection mould these polypropelene car  bumper bars into test products giving Boxhead Plastics a proven concept.