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Desktop 3D Filament Extruders


The Filabot team’s main focus is developing their systems for converting waste plastics into usable filaments, creating a closed loop cycle.


3devo is a tech company founded by young inventive engineers in the Netherlands. Their mission centers on developing accessible and high-quality products to empower innovators and creators. 3devo’s founder, Tim Wesselink, and his dedicated team of pioneers brought this philosophy to fruition with a revolutionary desktop filament extruder.

Felfil Evo

Felfil Evo is a safe and easy to use plastic filament extruder, able to produce custom and recycled filament for 3D printers starting from pellet or wrong prints.

With Felfil Evo you can choose from many different plastic materials and make your 3D printing filament.


Comes fully tested and assembled, ready for use right out of the box. Includes updated MixFlow™ extruder, computer control and feedback, spooler, the correct plug / voltage for your region, and all required accessories except for an empty spool. Save money, recycle waste, and create custom filaments in any colour you can imagine

100% Recycled 3D Print Filament


Refil offers fully recycled ABS filament made from car dashboards, PET filament made from PET bottles, PLA filament made from yoghurt bottles and HIPS filament from old refirgerators.



The Reflow vision is to create a high value application in 3D printing for recycled plastics that can support and grow the recycling ecosystem while fuelling creativity and enterprise.


Dimension Polymers

Dimension Polymers has developed the worlds first professionally engineered 3D printing filament made from recycled material